Audiobook Projects

Here are a few of Russell’s recently produced audiobooks available at, amazon, apple, and more.

guide to buddhahoodintentional conversationstai chi is for everyoneblogging from paradise11 online business tipspaleo dietAs Long as It's Fun the Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey Awakening the Third Eye Bob Marley Cancer Oh Crap Glisten of the Ngirozi How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction Manifest Your MillionsThe Type 2 Diabetes Cure Modified Flight Plan Ralph Waldo Emerson Shadows in the Twilight Conversations with a Shaman The Basics 4 Survival The Blue Monk The History and Culture of the Nez Perce The Life of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce The Urban Prepper Walk Me Home Whisperings of the Dragon Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power


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